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Veterans Connect 211

Veterans Connect 211 helps veterans navigate the extensive benefits and services available to them, including health care support, financial assistance and counseling, legal assistance, and educational support. They can put vets in touch with agencies that can help them and their families relocate to a new city or a new home, cope with the stress and logistics of a deployment, or transition back into civilian life.

Services Include


They can connect vets and their loved ones with support groups that help manage the emotional challenges associated with military service.


They offer information on home loans, job training, employment assistance and career counseling, veterans benefits, childcare, and financial advice and planning.


Our confidential services can help vets find resources to combat homelessness or locate food service programs in their areas if they are struggling.

To Access Veteran Resources

PHONE Call 2-1-1 to speak to a representative who can access all your local resources 

Web Search Click Here

Veterans Connect 211 SPONSORSHIP

Veterans Connect 211 is initiating an aggressive outreach campaign with a simple goal: to significantly increase our veterans’ knowledge about the services and benefits available to meet their critical needs and where to find them.  We need your help to fund this campaign so we can continue to reach veterans who need us. Your donation will be used to run radio and TV ads, pay for billboards, and allow us to print flyers and information that will assist with our grassroots efforts.

Sponsorship Levels

Veterans Connect 211 would like to recognize the support of our sponsors in the following ways:

General and Colonel Sponsors:

·  General   $5,000 and above

·  Colonel   $2,500 - $4,999

Name/logo of organization or individual proportionately highlighted and promoted in all outreach media pathways.  Additional recognition listed below.

Major and Captain Sponsors:

·  Major      $1,000 - $2,499

·  Captain   $500 - $999

Recognition at Annual Leadership Fort Wayne events and Greater Fort Wayne Inc., Annual Meeting. Additional recognition listed below. 

1st and 2nd Lieutenant Sponsors:

·  1st Lieutenant    $100 - $499

·  2nd Lieutenant       $1 - $99

Presentation of a Certificate of Appreciation, suitable for framing and display.

Gift In-kind* (i.e. existing commercial advertising, ad space equivalent to cash value above)

To sponsor Veterans Connect 211, Click Here

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